Best Places to get Work Out Clothes for Moms

If you have followed me for any amount of time, than you've seen me express my love of working out. Not in a I-have-a-six-pack sorta way, but moreso in a I'm-just-a-mom-who-found-what-keeps-me-sane kinda way. Mama also loves tacos, and I'm no fitness guru. All I know is that several months ago I took a boot camp and it changed who I am. That boot camp in the early part of this year was at my favorite place HEW Orlando (Hard Excercise Works). The name is pretty self explanatory. You complete really difficult workouts and in result see how sweat equity pays off. 

For me, results came across the board... weight loss, muscle gain, enhanced energy, and better moods. While I REALLY enjoy all of those bonuses from my workout regime, what I absolutely treasure the most is my mental shift. Since starting at HEW I have fallen in love with my self all over again. I have mentally set goals and achieved them, and seen obstacles and accomplished them. Not to mention I have come alive again in grit, perseverance, and tenacity. As a mom of three little humans, I finally feel like "more than mom" again.  I truly can't say enough about the beautiful work joining HEW has done for me. That's why when I reached out to them to share my gym home with you guys in celebration of their 1 year gym birthday, I was thrilled that they were so giving (as they ALWAYS are with hearts of gold) and offered a SPECIAL DEAL just for my readers! Read all the way to the end to find out!

I thought it'd be fun to share my favorite places to buy work out clothes with you guys while I offered the HEW deal. When I first started working out I would reward myself with different pieces of workout attire. Completing the boot camp earned me two new sports bras, and so on. It was really motivating for a girl who loves who shop! As I began to go more often and for a longer time, I began to get some cute things in my rotation. At first I wore my old shoes and my husbands shirts to workout with the mindset that I didn't come to be cute but to put in the work. What I discovered as I began caring for my body more and trying to make more healthy choices for myself, was that I deserved caring for. Who cares if I put a little effort into my gym clothes? I would feel better and that was a new mindset that this new lifestyle introduced me to. The foreign concept of self care. 

As a mom, I'm not about those tight booty shorts or the butt crack leggings (when you bend over and you can see your bits and pieces through your thin pants!) so I set out to find some quality pieces, as well as some easy affordable ones. Click the links below to get these looks and see the best places I came across for work out clothes. Don't forget to look at the end of this post for my gym's SPECIAL DEAL.

10 Tips for Sporty Mothers.png

Top: here  :  Pants: here :  Shoes: here :  Hat: here


Shirt: here : Sports Bra: here (similar) : Shorts: here : Shoes: here


Sports Bra: here (similar) :  Pants: here :  Shirt: here :  Shoes: here


After you snag some of these cute looks, you'll want to head into HEW Orlando and take the leap I did. Trust me. It'll change your life. The awesome owners are gifting my readers an exclusive deal to jump start your walk into loving you! You'll have one week to claim this awesome deal of 20% OFF your 5-week boot camp!!!! Not to mention, everyone gets to try their first class ABSOLUTELY FREE. Just click the below link and that enrolls you for your free class & guarantees your 20% off for when you'd like to start your boot camp! So many of you message me inspired by the updates I post on my fitness journey and let me tell you, my only regret is not starting sooner!  



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