Master Bedroom Tour

Today, we're taking a look around the master bedroom. Lighting isn't the best but when it's clean... you take the dang pictures. At every place we've lived in, the Master bedroom has been the last thought. Sienna's room is always decorated first.. sometimes even twofold before I would even consider getting anything for the Master. It wasn't until our last year in our last home that I even bought curtains to block out the sun from waking us up at the butt crack of dawn. If there was ever room in our budget for home decor (which back then, there wasn't!) I MADE room in our budget for decorating our other spaces. Anytime we had people over, you better believe our room was shut, locked, and off limits. Towards the end of living in our old home though, I had an epiphany. The room that I thought was the LEAST important, suddenly became my most prized space. I mean after all , my husband and I spend hours in here sleeping, getting ready, and relaxing. Our kids gather here to watch cartoons while hustle through our morning routines. When we moved into our new house over a year ago, I wanted to intentionally make our space an oasis. There are still some changes and ideas I have, but this is where we're at for now.


We only have two TVs inside our home. One in the living room and the other in our master. We like to cuddle up on the couch or in our bed as a family to watch movies. It also keeps the kids nearby while we get ready, so I don't mind. 


That glass frame on my nightstand was literally our only physical wedding gift. We had a whole table for gifts and there was just this box and the rest were envelopes ($$= not complaining). It has our invitation wording etched into the glass. We treasure it.


Yes, we have a mini fridge in our Master Bedroom. It was put in when they flipped our home prior to us buying it. Kinda feels corny, like a hotel, but also kinda cool. When we first showed our family the house, my SIL saw it and said, "Oh wow, for like wine and chocolate and strawberries." (She's single LOL). These marriage veterans both snapped back laughing, "ha! No, That's where our milk and cereal will go for our midnight snacks." #weaintthatfancy Ps: I hate the color of the wood and will be painting it the same grayish/taupe color I am redoing our master bathroom vanity in... eventually.


That's my bouquet dried up there in the shadow box. It's super special to me because one of my first jobs (after McDonalds) was at a flower shop. As a teenager, the owners became like family. They made my floral dreams come true for my wedding which was far-fetched in my own mind since we were 20 and paying for the wedding ourselves. Their gift meant the world to me and to this day I treasure that dried bouquet and their friendship. Also, I made that frame that says, "I love you because..." a LONG time ago when we had like zero money for decorating. I was intentional to make what we could decorate with by using my own two hands and for it to be meaningful. We were much better at filling it in with a marker back then. Now it's more like "aint nobody got time for that." I miss it. 


These pillows were on my parents' bed when I was younger. When they divorced when I was an adult and already married myself, my mom went through their stuff and got rid of a lot. She obviously didn't need these pillows anymore since at the time she was single again. They made me really sad at first because all they did was remind me of happier times and of my parent's failed marriage. Now I put them on my own bed everyday as a reminder that my marriage is something I will fight for. I am determined to give these pillows new meaning through my own marriage. Now they make me smile.


I became obsessed with doing some sort of king and queen of the family type design for our room. I wanted my husband to feel respected and my kids to know whats up. LOL When I came across these ceramic crowns, there were not affordable for me at the time. I took two trips and two 40% off coupons to make that dream come true and I love it. These wood screens are a favorite find of mine EVER! they were actually one piece at TJ max that I bought as a "doggie" gate to block my German Shepherd from going upstairs. The design is totally flawed for big dogs since my dog could knock it over easily. I had already feel in love with the details though so I was determined to find a spot. I prayed apart the hinges and hung up on the wall for some statement pieces. I have my most favorite design victories when I think outside of the box. Kinda like when I stenciled wallpaper on an entire wall out of a pizza box. #win


Hope you all enjoyed our master bedroom tour. I'll update you all when I change some things because I've got that itch anyways. The moral of the story: take time for your room. It's important. Sources below but feel free to ask any questions in the comments. 


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