Monday Mirror Pep Talk

Dear Self, 

You look beautiful this morning. I know you only the see the deep cystic acne peeking through from hormones out of your control, the bags under your eyes from this weird exhausted fog you can't seem to shake, and the love handles that have crept back in after just a few days of bad eating. But I see that kindness in your eyes and the beauty in your soul. You're radiating deep love today. Kind of like, the sun in shining from within. 

Today, you're feeling guilty. I can tell. You've never been good at hiding your emotions. You wear mom guilt in your tense shoulders held high from your to-do list and your distracted eyes thinking of other things and your worried forehead. I see it. Don't think you can pass of these things with me like you do with others. You know, with a quick "Yeah, everything's great!" or the "Good, how are you?!" Let me love on you today. Open up to the gentle ease of someone else noticing you. Allow me to full see you right now. All of you. And hear me out... 

Here's a little advice. Lay it down. Surrender it over. Live into you. 

The God who made the universe crafted you special. You were knit together with your future children and their children and their children in mind. Your God is not one that makes mistakes. So with that in mind, think of all the ways you are unique. The way you need lots of affection and affirmation. Man, you give great talks. How your heart aches with empathy so easily for your neighbor. Those random texts of encouragement are thoughtful and appreciated by many. In the same breathe, the hardness you tend to have when your kid or friend wants to fall victim to their circumstance, "brush it off" you say. You're tougher than the average chick, people feel stronger by being around you. Your abundance use of words on the daily (not unnoticed by your husband. ha!) But also, your dire need for silence (which you just now realize you need). All of those things were chosen for you to be the exact person those around you need, that your legacy requires. Don't apologize for any of it. Right off those feelings of inadequacy when you see another mom or wife or entrepreneur operating differently. Stay in your lane. That doesn't make how you're wired wrong. 

Speaking of how you're wired, don't short circuit girl. When you plug too many things into one outlet, you're going to blow a fuse. Just ask your husband to remind you of what happens every year at Christmas. #putlightsoneverything Sure, it looks like everyone else is cooking all the meals, folding all the laundry, cleaning all the rooms, doing all the crafts, slaying all the outfits, and landing all the gigs... but a little secret. THEY AREN'T. Nobody is rocking everything perfectly. There is give and take in everyone's schedule. Decide what makes sense for you. Then, don't hold yourself hostage with guilt for only have time for your top 5 things. Also note, it's okay for your kids to not be your #1 everyday. Some days they can make a mess with toys and watch too much tv because your goals breathe fresh air into your sails. You are no less of a mom for doing something for yourself. You are no less of a success for "just" being a mom either. Allow yourself seasons... and sometimes the seasons change depending on the day of the week. Heck, mood swings can change in a matter of minutes so feel free to have a #screwit moment at least once a day. 

Here's the bottom line, guilt has no place in your day. You are the bossiest of bossy pants and yet you let that sassy pants inner bully boss you around like any of it is true. Replace it with your own truth. Do that by unapologetically living into who you are. Rest when you need it. Hustle when you can. Don't compare. Stand your ground. Lay it down. Move on to the words God says about you. You were created on purpose and for purpose with intention and love carefully set out before you with good plans for your future. That will only happen if you set aside expectations either placed on you by the world or your own self, and pick up the ease of unfolding into your true self. Today is a good day to have a good day beautiful lady. I see you, just as you are and its breathtaking.