Monday Mirror Pep Talk

Dear Self,

Gratitude can make a poor man rich. When you rest in a season of thankfulness, it's easier to see the abundance that's floods all circumstances around you. In the day in and day out of ordinary life,  I see where gratitude can hide under the dirty dishes, the siblings quarrels, or the everyday annoyances. Different seasons call for different demands and fulfilling the needs of others is the top description in your job title. No if, ands, or buts about it. You're the one to give. How can you be grateful for the little bit of water left in the bottom of your well when you're exhausted and quite honestly, a bit frustrated from filling everyone else's cups. Being so significant to the well-being and happiness of everyone around you can cause you to forget that God has given you that back, tenfold.  

 I don't blame you for seeing the negative. Misery loves company, and the world is full of lack. Stoping to smell the roses doesn't have much of an effect when they wreak of more expectations and endless needs.  I can't hold it against you for feeling the burdens, complaining about the injustices, or admiring the grass on the other side. I get it. Life's not all unicorns and rainbows. Your to-do list is a mile long and just getting through the day can sometimes be so overbearingly hard. This letter won't change your circumstances, but reminding you of the power of gratitude can transform you within them. 

Focusing on your blessings doesn't diminish your feelings or frustrations. It's not living in a fantasy world that resembles some sort of "happily ever after" from a Disney movie. But it is allowing your heart to override your head, your grace to outweigh your hurdles, and your love to overcome your fears. Be determined to have thankfulness on the tip of your tongue. Throw that crap around like confetti. Spread it like butta' and you'll be better for it. Be a woman so full of thanks it overflows into every aspect of your day and every relationship experience you encounter. Trust me, you're that kinda woman, just so long as your perspective is on point. Let me help you...


You have so much to be thankful for in the big and small things of life. You know this, In theory. But lets sit right here in a list of gratitude to really let it all soak in. Perhaps then you can be encouraged and armed with the shield of true joy that lies in a being thankful.

  • The Air in your lungs. Take a deep breathe... IN & OUT. There's life and purpose within you.

  • Your loved ones. Sure they can be a hand full. But they gift you a love so intense it hurts.

  • God's grace. Not in a "religious" way, but in a "you're a screw up and still DEEPLY loved and treasured no matter what raw authentic way". There's not an ugly side of you that can hide from that love.

  • Coffee. Needs no explanation.

  • Freedom. I mean that both spiritually and literally. You live free from earning forgiveness for yourself or bonded to the mistakes you've made. Jesus is your homeboy. We live in a country where our fellow man has and does fight for a freedom not offered around the world. Humbling, to think that we're given this without the sweat off our own brow. 

  • This one is like a double edged sword. However it's a blessing in it's own sense. You are needed. Sure, as a mama it's daunting because you just want to pee in peace. However, you have little people (and big people) who value your skills and your love and your presence so much that they rely completely on you for their survival. I mean, how ever would husband find all the things right in front of his face without you?! You're trusted with the care of your family because no one else can do it like you can!

  • For the love of God let's just toss Target on this list because #duh.

  • Friends. Seriously, Friends. Maybe you don't have many, or maybe you're riding with a posse deeper than Beyonce but still... what a treasure. You have people who know all the things about you and still stick around. Bless them. 

  • Laughter. When everything hurts or when everything shines. Laughter connects us all. 

  • The term #firstworldproblems is catchy and oh so true. We have serious convenience in this day and age. While I can't for the life of me figure out why my iPhone can't be shatterproof or water proof yet we can put a man on the moon.. I am still seriously spoiled with the measure of convenience we have in this day and age. 

  • If you ever sat through a meal with a tantrum throwing toddler than you're pretty aware of the blessing that electronics are. #thankyoubabyjesus

That's just the tip of the iceberg my friend. You're such a blessed woman. Continue the process. Stand in front of this mirror again before bed every night and list 10 things you are grateful from that day. Such a simple task can produce such delicious fruit. Don't feel like it's another step to do or a letter to guilt you for being a spoiled brat. Take this as encouragement. A breathe of fresh air to remember the happiness that resides in you regardless of your circumstances. The joy that exudes from living in gratitude. Go on tired mama, you've got so much to be thankful for.

Love, Candace