dinosaur birthday party

None of my children have baby books. One day in my old age, I will sit in a rocking chair scrolling Instagram to show my grandchildren all about their parent's childhood. That's just life. I don't like scrapbooking in the first place and on top of that I'm just trying to keep the kiddos alive. Enough with the pressure, amiright? So I plan to share some things here on the ole' blog as a sort of memory keeper for myself. Because let's be honest... I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, wait did I eat breakfast?! See what I mean? So bare with me as we have a few random posts of Christmas errr... Memories* passed. Let's start with my son's most recent birthday party. He turned 6 and was obsessed with dinosaurs.. insert A Dinosaur Party. 

I wish I made this awesome dinosaur head out of construction paper. I did not though. An awesome friend knew I was doing a dinosaur theme and had another friend who had just finished up with her son's dinosaur party decor. She gladly shared with me! Tip: borrow decor! Especially homemade stuff. She had basically already made everything I had pinned on Pinterest to make. She did a much better job than I would've done anyways! Win/Win!

Seriously, spell anything out in these letter balloons I ordered from Amazon and it's instantly adorable. I was obsessed with this line of dino party stuff from Land of Nod and found it all on Amazon for even less! It's designed by Meri Meri and totally adorable. The bamboo silverware set felt more "prehistoric" that plastic and I ordered it off of Amazon too. Clearly, Amazon takes all my money. 

What? You've never made tiny party hats for your kids toys? Weird. Super simple and added some whimsy that I was going for to tie the paper products and prehistoric looks together. Dino lollipops were more of a gummy texture but also found on Amazon. Now just look at a bunch of pictures and feel free to ask any questions about where I got stuff or how I made it in the comments. There is only so many times one can say Amazon in the post.


I've become an easy is better kinda momma these days. All store bought treats just taken out of the packages and placed like so. ;) Ordered a plain cake with just frosting and no design from Publix. Crumbled up Chips Ahoy double chocolate cookies for the "dirt" that the dinosaurs are messing around in... obviously. 

Here's my cutie little birthday boy about to go on the zipline that goes across the creek in our backyard. This thing was a hit with all the kids and made most of the mamas nervous. Also, for the love of God.. make your bounce house match your theme. #sticklerfordetails Love you Little Man. Your 6th birthday was a blast.