Kitchen Makeover

Finally, my butt is in gear enough to share the new look of our kitchen. There are things still that I’d love to adjust like those floors or a new faucet and runner, but if I wait until everything is just so, then I’d never get to show you any space!

When we first walked through our home before putting in an offer, my husband saw the kitchen and it’s high quality and unique backspace. He proclaimed that the kitchen was perfect and we wouldn’t have to touch a thing (it had already been remodeled). His naivety just makes me chuckle sometimes. We’ve been married way too long to think that any table is left unturned with me around. I thought it was cute, but I envisioned my dream white kitchen.


The grainy pic and the horrible mess don’t help the last kitchen’s case at all. Although the rogue babydoll is pretty stylish. It wasn’t a horrible kitchen. In fact those who we received quotes from on painting it, were confused on why we were messing with a perfectly great custom kitchen in the first place. It just wasn’t our style. I just knew the potential for the space was so much more.

We live in a tradition Colonial style two story home. This means the our ceilings on the first floor are all low at 8 ft. and the spaces are enclosed with pocket doors and the exact opposite of an open floor plan. My gut just told me to make it white and bright and then it would transform into a much bigger space to the eye. So that’s exactly what we did.

We had the cabinets painted (if you’re local, we used Concepts in Color Painting and were pleased overall) We chose Sherwin Williams colors “High Reflective White'“ and “In The Navy”. I’ll link what I can below the pictures but other than that, just check it out! :)


Runner is old Target (shrunken down bc I washed it). Similar


That’s it! The power of paint is incredible! We’ve been asked if we got new countertops and backsplash countless times and the truth is, they just pop now against the bright cabinets! We completely transformed the space with a few cosmetic upgrades, including adding some trim to beef up the island. I am in love with my new/old kitchen and I hope you guys like it too! Thanks for following along on my Instagram stories during the process. If you have any specific questions about the process, don’t hesitate to ask!