A Birthday Letter to my Baby Girl

This Monday I'm doing a different version of my Monday Mirror Pep Talk. My sweet little baby girl turned 2 yesterday and I'd like to write her a letter instead because I can't ever express enough sentiments for my little munchkins. 

Dear Adella Carolina, 

I can specifically remember the moment you were placed in my arms. Like any mother will attest, a flood of emotions came over me. The first feeling being ouch! as I thought "omgosh! No wonder that hurt! She's huge!" (10 lbs. 9 oz.) and the second feeling being one I hadn't expected, "ease." You just seemed to fit. You fit in my arms, in our family, in my heart. There was no struggle to adjust. It was like you were always here even when I had just met you moments before. We almost stopped at two kiddos, but there was a strong pull I had for you to be in our family. I waited for a long time for your daddy to come on board (Thanks for always carefully making every decision for our family babe!) After turning blue in the face trying to plea my case, I finally shut up and let God do the talking. That's when it worked because your daddy has his ear bent to God always! I knew it was worth the wait because the ache in my heart for you never went away. It's like a sigh of relief came out when I laid eyes on you sweet girl.

With each baby being born, a new part of a mother is too. It's a blossoming of sorts that this tiny bundle of joy gifts to the woman bringing them into this world. A sweet friend that is so full of wisdom wished this for me at your baby shower. She's a mom of three boys and said she hoped you gifted me the confidence and comfort in motherhood that having her third gave to her. Man, was she right on the money. That ease that I spoke of earlier when they placed you in my arms, has continued every moment since. Now that is not saying you are easy. You are definitely the feistiest and most opinionated little firecracker, but I am different in mothering you. By becoming your mother, I have landed in a confidence of how I parent. No longer to prove anything through you or second guessing my every move. With the stress of trying to listen to everyone else around me and do everything their way, I am free to be the mommy you need. As a result, you have way too many cookies and  I truly get to enjoy so much of you that I missed with your older siblings. Thanks for helping me unwrap that gift princess.

As we venture from babyhood to toddler life (being the youngest you'll always be babied though!) I love watching your personality come to be. You definitely know what you want when you want it. To which the answers are a chocolate chip cookie and now. You love your siblings an insane amount. You put your little hand up to your mouth and yell "sis-sis" and "bubba" all day. I pray you'll always have the strong determination and love for others. The world tells us (especially as women) to simmer down and to question ourselves but I want your 2 year old spirit to always remain within you. While this sucks for me now as we endure tantrums because you KNOW deep in your soul that you need that candy bar at the check out lane, I will endure it all so you can be a woman who chases her dreams unapologetically someday. 

I could talk about you until I'm blue in the face, but you run 100 mph these days and I can't waste anymore time on this computer or you'll come over demanding to sit on my lap and bang on the keyboard. These days we do things your way because you're spoiled and bossy. And I don't mind at all. Here's to riding out the terrific twos with your little militant leader self. Keeping making us laugh and sigh in relief while simultaneously squealing from frustration! I adore you so much sweet girl and hope you know that you are so very loved.

With love, 

Mommy (your biggest fan)

Candace Gutierrez