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Used to be called Candy but it’s really hard for people to take you seriously when you have a mythical board game named after you & you laugh like a hyena. 

Read on friends, it gets better.


Last name is Gutierrez but I don’t know a lick of Spanish. Gracias. I inherited it from my latin lover of a hubby along with weak knees and heart palpitations. The man just does it for me, tenfold. We're high school sweet hearts turned “it couple”…don’t worry, we’re totally humble. 

I’m a creative soul in all stretches of the term. I write, I share, I decorate, I craft, I feel, I style, and I design. I basically feel all the feels, love  all the words, and enjoy making all the things pretty.

So much so, that I crafted three beautiful humans! The joys of my life are my children Sienna, Titus, and Adella. We are living the dream in Florida perched up on our own slice of Heaven along a swiveling creek, complete with our scalloped white picket fence, zip line, and white german shepherds. 


I’m a firm believer that fresh air, prayer, and a cup of coffee could solve all the problems.

I feel everything so deeply and share all my emotions. I just can’t hide them. 

If we eat a meal together, you better believe there will be dessert. 

I don’t do simple parties, ever. Low- key to me means a mariachi trio. 

I’m a weird mix between the life of the party, and not wanting to leave home. 

If the whole room is thinking it, I’m going to say it. 

Sarcasm and laughter are my love languages.

My heart belongs to Jesus. 

...Not because I can recite even a single scripture from memory but because His love for me is overwhelmingly apparent in every detail of my life.


"Making Me Too" came from years of building relationships with other women by sharing my own experiences in the mundane of life. Either over coffee or through a computer screen I have felt the draw to let other ladies know that they are not alone, in any of it.

Life can feel isolating and often times like we’re the only one experiencing the realness of everyday outside of perfection. However, through the Grace of God we all reach ourselves, eventually. While I am no where near the end of discovering who I am, I can finally say that I am starting to live into all that God has been forming in and through me.


I am passionate about gifting each other connection with a “me too” after a glimpse of our own hearts are shared. Sometimes I get so deep in my feelings and other times I like to keep it light hearted. This space is just all the random bits and pieces of my everyday journey with God of “making me too”. 

I believe life is meant for us to love and be loved. One of the greatest expressions of love we can offer one another is to say, 

“I see and love you just as you are. I’ve been there too. Let’s go through it together.”

If you’re nodding along as you read and look at anything I share here, then you’ve just experienced a “me too” and you’re totally in. It’s a super elite group of us that wear our husbands underwear through the school carline in the AM and almost burn down our houses because we don’t know the difference between parchment and wax paper. 

So, welcome. 

With Joy,